Folklore Publishing is looking for authors with manuscripts and authors who are knowledgeable about Canadian history and current affairs and have a strong narrative voice.

To submit a proposal for a completed manuscript, please send:

  • A complete writer’s resume including your interests and passions
  • An overview of your manuscript and marketability
  • A chapter-by-chapter synopsis
  • Two or three sample chapters, not exceeding 75 pages double-spaced

2. To submit your resume for consideration as an author for project ideas generated in house, please send:

  • A complete writer’s resume, including all of your interests and passions
  • Three writing samples, preferably nonfiction with an emphasis on history, 20th century people and events or topics of interest to Canadians

Before submitting, please review the titles on our website and that of Canada Book Distributors Ltd. so that you are aware of the kinds of books we publish and can decide if your manuscript is a fit.
Please submit by email as MS Word files or pdfs to:

Folklore Publishing Ltd.