Educational Resources

Folklore Publishing publishes books of popular history and popular culture that are both highly informative and written in a easily accessible style for general readership.

We encourage teachers and librarians to look at our catalogue and to acquire our books as good supplementary material for current curricula.

Look for our titles in the catalogue of your usual supplier or order direct from our distributor, Canada Book Distributors Ltd.

Many of our titles are high-interest/low-difficulty geared to re-energizing a student’s enthusiasm for reading.

Our Publishing Program

At Folklore Publishing, we are developing a library of wonderful stories about Canadian heroes and our glorious but often unsung past. With a focus on Canadian history and contemporary culture, Folklore titles contribute significantly to the understanding of our community and ourselves. Our editorial policy consciously seeks to craft works that are both historically accurate and accessible to a broad readership, so that interest and pride in, and knowledge of, Canadian history and culture is stimulated in a diverse cross-section of Canadians, both those born here and those who have embraced this land as their home.

Folklore Publishing develops titles in several series and topics:

  • 20th Century series: Compendiums of biographies and stories of famous Canadians and their accomplishments, e.g., Bush Pilots
  • Great Canadian Stories series: Biographies of Canada’s history makers, e.g., Great Canadians
  • Legends series:
    1. Tales of history with engaging stories of adventure, misadventure and humour with people and events in the history of Canada and North America, e.g., Mounties March West
    2. Tales of the First Nations: Stories of Native leaders who tried desperately to retain a way of life threatened by the arrival of European settlers, e.g., Sitting Bull in Canada
  • Star Biographies under the Icon Press imprint: Entertaining biographies of famous actors and musicians, e.g., Julia Roberts
  • Amazing Animals series: Heart-warming and humorous stories about domesticated and wild animals, e.g., Pet Heroes
  • Joke and Humour titles: Collections of jokes from regions and groups across Canada and North America and other humour titles, e.g., Boomer Humor
  • Twisted History: History from an “outside-the-box” perspective, e.g., My Canada
  • iThink Books: A series of children’s titles that includes truly Canadian alphabet books, e.g. Canada Alphabet Book; Canadian Animals Alphabet Book.
  • Humour titles for kids: LOL Dogs; Knock Knock Bird Brains.


Here are some of the writers we have published:

Frank W. Anderson
Dan Asfar
Wayne Arthurson
René Biberstein
Nicky Bird
Peter Boer
Nicholle Carrière
Tim Chodan
Eva Marie Clarke
Peter Conrad
Maria da Silva
Chris Gainor
Larry Gray
Tamara Hartson
Andrew Hind
Tony Hollihan
Tamela Georgi
Graham Kelly
Brian Kennedy
Giancarlo La Giorgia
Timothy Le Riche
Norman S. Leach

Colin MacLean
David MacLellan
Edgar McFay
Marina Michaelides
Omar Mouallem
Angela Murphy
Greg Oberst
Vernon Oickle
Jeff Pearce
Janice Ryan
Barbara Smith
Gord Steinke
Geordie Telfer
Edrick Thay
Glenn Tkach
Jerry Toupin
Stone Wallace
Mark Wells
Glen Warner
Natasha White
Lisa Wojna